Friday, June 27, 2008


Formula One:

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Kimi Raikkonen has become the favourite to win the French Grand Prix by taking the pole position. Hamilton who qualified third has been relegated to the 13th position (10 position penalty on the starting grid) when he crashed on Kimi in the CanadianGrand Prix in the pit lane.The crash cost Kimi some valuable points and so the punishment to Hamilton is commented as a lenient one.The Ferrari 1-2 qualification has put the wind back in the sailsof the team after a horrible Monaco and Canadian Grand Prix.The team just three points ahead of Sauber looks to extend its lead in its favourite Grand Prix in which it has won 5 out of last 7 races.

Robert Kubica and Lewis Hamilton, the two main contenders with Kimifor the championship, will start 6th and 13th respectively in the race.Formula one is a unpredictable sport and only the race day will bring the final results though Kimi is the favourite.Watch today's race without fail.